Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hannah Montana a hit with Girl Scouts

Hannah Montana has become so popular that Girl Scout troops are having special events to celebrate the spirit of Hannah Montana:

"Amid a sea of blond wigs and high-pitched squealing that can only be produced from pre-teen vocal chords, troop leaders and volunteers did their best to bring some semblance of order to 250 Girls Scouts who wanted to be Hannah Montana for a day.

The Girls Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois held their first ever "Best of Both Worlds" Hannah Montana event Saturday afternoon at the Howard Johnson Inn, which included a variety of activities like dancing, necklace making and a Hannah Montana look-a-like contest.

"The girls have embraced her (Hannah Montana), and we just want to show that she's a good role model," said regional program manager Tammy Allison."

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