Thursday, September 18, 2008

Miley and Justin Gaston get Frozen Yogurt

Miley Cyrus and new boyfriend Justin Gaston got frozen yogurt in Hollywood Wednesday night.

Credit: MileyFans.

Miley Cyrus likes Katy Perry's Cleavage

According to a Fox News article Miley Cyrus is jealous of Katy Perry's bra size:

Disney babe Miley Cyrus would love to have a bigger bust — and admires the chest of "I Kissed a Girl" singer Katy Perry. "When we met at the VMA awards, she loved my dress and the way it showed off my rack," Perry said. "She told me, 'One day when I grow up I would love a rack like that.'"

Source: Fox News.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Miley Cyrus signs Movie Deal

Miley Cyrus will be in a new movie based on an upcoming novel by author Nicholas Sparks. Miley's mom Tish Cyrus will be the executive producer for the untitled Disney movie. The plot is being kept secret, but the project is being compared to the Mandy Moore film and Sparks novel A Walk to Remember.

The book is set to be published in the fall of 2009 with the movie filming after that.

Source: Variety.

Miley and Justin Gaston at Citywalk - September 16, 2008

Miley Cyrus was spotted again last night with her new "boyfriend" Justin Gaston. This time they were walking around Citywalk at Universal Studios Hollywood. Miley's mom Tish was also present along with a few other people. As always Miley stopped and took pictures with several fans.

Photos from Miss-Miley-Online.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Miley Cyrus dating Justin Gaston?

According to E! Online Miley Cyrus has gone on two dates with former Nashville Star contestant and underwear model Justin Gaston. The first date was on Sunday where the 20 year old Gaston joined the Cyrus family on a trip to church and to Cheesecake Factory (see pics below). The second date on Monday was a visit to L.A.'s Century City mall. "There was nobody with them at all," says the E! source. "They walked into Bloomingdale's, not looking at anything specific, and chatted with a clerk in the makeup department."

Source: E! Online.
Pics from Hope's Destiny.

New Hannah Montana Episode - No Sugar Sugar

A new episode of Hannah Montana will be airing on November 2nd.


Miley and Lilly mistakenly believe that Oliver has a crush on the school nurse when they see him giving her candy. When they instead learn that Oliver is secretly dealing with the news of being diabetic, the friends work overtime to keep him away from all things sweet. Robby reacts to Jackson’s latest girlfriend raising his grades.

Credit: MileyFans.

Miley in Santa Monica - September 15, 2008

Miley Cyrus visited a friend in Santa Monica on Monday.

Credit: Miss-Miley-Online.

Miley gets Coffee - September 13, 2008

Miley Cyrus, mom Tish, brother Braison and a female friend went to get coffee on Saturday.

Credit: Hope's Destiny.

New Hannah Montana Episode - We're All On This Date Together

A new episode of Hannah Montana called "We're All On This Date Together" will air on October 12, 2008.


Hannah is auctioning a date with herself at a charity event and much to her disgust and disappointment, Rico seems to be the lucky winner until old-time crush Johnny Collins shows up and outbids him by a thread. However, when the auctioneer claims that it might be a good philanthropic gesture to take both bids, Miley finds she has no choice but to go on a date with both hottie Johnny and nuisance Rico. When she discovers that Emily is sick with a cold, she hatches a plan to get Rico so sick that he has to cancel on the date. Meanwhile, Roxy’s reunion is fast approaching and long-time bully and menace Clarice will be there to point out her single and lonely life so she asks Robby and Jackson to pretend and be her happy and good-looking family. Through the charade, Roxy comes to realize that she is content with her real-life and confronts Clarice about what really makes one happy.

Credit: MileyFans.