Saturday, February 23, 2008

Miley Practices for Oscars

Miley Cyrus got a chance to rehearse her lines for the Oscars.

From Gossip Girls:

Tomorrow night, the Kodak Theater will be filled with all of Hollywood’s biggest names. Meanwhile, on Saturday, celebrities strolled in one at a time.

According to AP reports, “The eve of the Academy Awards is rehearsal day for celebrity presenters. One by one, in 15-minute increments, Oscar winners and other famous folks come to the Kodak to walk on stage and practice their lines.”

An insider tells: “A few academy officials brought their kids and grandkids to the theater Saturday, and just before 11 a.m., it became clear why: Miley Cyrus was coming in to rehearse. Accompanied by her look-alike mom, the gregarious teen star greeted her young fans — and everyone else she came across — with a megawatt grin.”

Once the Hannah Montana star got through her lines, she “was coached by her mom and publicist - both urging her to slow down and to smile.”