Monday, June 23, 2008

New Hannah Montana Episodes

Two new episodes of Hannah Montana will air soon:

July 6th:
You Didn't Say It Was Your Birthday:
Miley and Jackson have to scramble at the last minute to put together a party after they’ve forgotten Robby’s fortieth birthday. Lilly and Oliver take bids on a potato chip shaped like Darth Vader until Rico attempts to claim it as his own.

July 20th:
Hannah In The Street With Diamonds:
Hannah gets her diamond on the Hollywood Parade of Stars only to find that its location is by a hot dog vendor whose customer’s chili dog drippings land right on it, followed by a flower vendor whose allergies cause him to release his phlegm on it too. When Miley learns that the spot was originally assigned to a famous puppet, Pancake Buffalo, she tries to swap back without any luck. Meanwhile, Robby subs for Jackson at work and clashes with Rico.

Thanks to MileyFans for the pics.