Friday, August 01, 2008

Breakout - Katy Perry Version

The Miley Cyrus - Katy Perry plot continues to get more interesting.

- Shortly after Miley's new album Breakout was released we learned that Katy Perry sang backup on some of the songs.

- A few days later Perry claimed that she wanted to kiss Miley on stage at the Teen Choice Awards like the Madonna-Britney Spears kiss at the 2003 VMA's

- Miley strongly and seriously rejected the offer stating, "No thanks. She sang on my record. So I think she’s kind of getting back at me, because she was doing harmonies and backgrounds."

- Now we find out that Katy Perry recorded her own version of the title track Breakout. It's a mystery why this version was recorded. It has been reported that Katy recorded it a few years ago but didn't like it enough for an album. Another likely scenario would be that Katy recorded this version at the same time as Miley when she was singing background vocals on the song. From what I can tell neither Katy or Miley had anything to do with writing the song. As for the song itself, I think Miley's is better both vocally and the fact that it fits a 15 year old much better than a 23 year old.