Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Hannah Montana Episode - We're All On This Date Together

A new episode of Hannah Montana called "We're All On This Date Together" will air on October 12, 2008.


Hannah is auctioning a date with herself at a charity event and much to her disgust and disappointment, Rico seems to be the lucky winner until old-time crush Johnny Collins shows up and outbids him by a thread. However, when the auctioneer claims that it might be a good philanthropic gesture to take both bids, Miley finds she has no choice but to go on a date with both hottie Johnny and nuisance Rico. When she discovers that Emily is sick with a cold, she hatches a plan to get Rico so sick that he has to cancel on the date. Meanwhile, Roxy’s reunion is fast approaching and long-time bully and menace Clarice will be there to point out her single and lonely life so she asks Robby and Jackson to pretend and be her happy and good-looking family. Through the charade, Roxy comes to realize that she is content with her real-life and confronts Clarice about what really makes one happy.

Credit: MileyFans.