Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yankees Nick Johnson uses Party In The USA as Intro Music

New York Yankees baseball player Nick Johnson is a big fan of Miley's song Party In The USA.

From the New Jersey Star-Ledger:


Yep, that was Nick Johnson's walk-up music of choice. The catchy bubble-gum pop tune by Miley Cyrus is a favorite of Johnson's 4-year-old daughter Brianna, who Johnson knew would be sitting in the stands. So, a few weeks ago, he decided he'd surprise her with the song.

"That was for my daughter," Johnson said. "She loves it."

Johnson admitted he likes the song as well.

"Absolutely," he said. "I'll get up in the family room and sing it. It's got a good twist to it."

Johnson may be going with the song for awhile. In his first at-bat, he homered.

"I just got a good pitch to hit, over the middle, and tried to put a good swing on it," said Johnson, who spent the workout day working on his swing with hitting coach Kevin Long. "It was fun."