Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ashton Kutcher defends Miley Cyrus

Ashton Kutcher defended Miley Cyrus on Twitter when Rick Sanchez of CNN bashed her for her dancing video.

First CNN's Sanchez said, "Could I just speak for a moment as a father and as someone who has an eight-year-old?…That’s troublesome. And just the physicality of it alone and the fact that she’s 16-years-old. And this isn’t posing for a Hollywood magazine or a picture, because we understand that when you get into that arena, you got to play along with that game kind of thing. I am troubled viewing that."

Kutcher then defended Miley on Twitter by tweeting:

hey @ricksanchezcnn ur comments on Miley R completely unwarranted. She's 17. What is this the movie Footloose? judgement is unbecoming

and then later

I think it's important to think about the context of the event she was at ... it's not like she was at a club w/ some stranger

Rick Sanchez is making his name as an outspoken blowhard along the lines of Bill O'Reilly and Keith Olbermann, and it's nice to see someone call him out.

Source: Gossip Cop.