Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Miley Video Addresses Rumors

Miley Cyrus posted a new video on YouTube for her fans. She introduced her sister's new dog Feather, and then thanked her fans for her MTV VMA nomination. Miley then addressed some recent rumors that have been spreading around the internet. The first one is that she is not engaged, and she doesn't need any commitment and isn't going to get married anytime soon. She then talked about a recent incident with the paparazzi where she called the cops, and it was reported on the internet that she got in trouble for talking on her cell phone. She then talked about how she sometimes looks unhappy in pictures, and that it's because the paparazzi frustrate her and follow her around. Miley didn't really address the rumor about her and Liam getting back together, but since they were seen kissing, I guess we can assume that one is true.