Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Miley Cyrus Influences Lawmakers

Just months after Miley Cyrus was seen allegedly smoking the legal substance Salvia, New York State lawmakers are trying to ban the substance.

The legislation specifically mentions Miley by name stating, "This is the same legal substance that pop star Miley Cyrus was allegedly smoking in a widely distributed video clip in December of last year."

The bill, which was created "In an effort to protect the youth of New York State" has passed the New York State Senate. It still has a ways to go before becoming a law though. The same legislation has passed the Senate four times in the past only to be ignored by the New York State Assembly. Maybe having Miley Cyrus as a scapegoat will be enough to push this bill over the top!

State senator John Flanagan sponsored to ban and was quoted as saying, "We have seen the impact this legal substance can have on our communities and the danger it poses is clear and it is real. This is a destructive legally-sold gateway to further drug use that should be off our store shelves."

Source: New York Senate.