Saturday, August 07, 2010

Miley Shooting Video for Who Owns My Heart

Ken Baker from E! News tweeted today that Miley Cyrus is shooting her next video:

Miley Cyrus is shooting her new video this weknd in Detroit for "Who Owns My Heart." Same director as "Can't Be Tamed"

He then later tweeted:

Disney tells me the Miley single 'Who Owns My Heart' is first only being released in Europe.

This news is kind of surprising since Two More Lonely People is supposed to be the next single (and I actually heard it on the radio today) so you'd think there would be a video for that first. The fact that Who Owns My Heart is going to be released in Europe first makes sense because it's more of a dance song than some of the others on the album.

Source: Ken Baker Twitter.